There are as many reasons to dress a pet in costume as there are pet owners. Love them or hate them, pet costumes are here to stay. Admittedly, there are some occasions when it makes sense to dress your dog, like if you decide to walk them on a cold winter day. Actually, they have fur, so does it make sense? Maybe not. But it’s the prerogative of human beings to project – if you need to dress warm, so does your dog or cat. Right?

Here are some reasons why people dress their pets in costumes.


It is THE time to be creative, so why should you limit your creativity to your own outfit? There are all kinds of monster suits on sale online, even horror masks for dogs and cats. Just make sure the poor thing can breathe in one of those.


You can buy special dog pants on with four holes – one for the dog’s torso, two for the legs, and the fourth…for comfort! They come in fun, vibrant prints and colors. They’re also quite affordable. After all, Wish is the place to get weird stuff – there are also fake bloody eyeballs and teeth for a dollar.


In winter, people dress their dogs up in woolen, furry outfits. In summer, the pooch can dazzle your neighbors in silk or satin.

Dogs are very patient and are most likely of all pets to fall victim to costumes. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cat in costume. I assume any cat would tear it right off. For God’s sake, animals weren’t made to wear clothes. That said, people have dressed up their hamsters and lizards. You could even dress your pet snake if you dare. I imagine the costume itself would be quite simple.