None of the costumes described in this article are available for sale anywhere, nor are they likely to become mass-produced – at least not in the near future. These are unique costumes regular people have created to stand out at costume parties. Like they say, the limit is your imagination.

The Aliens from Sesame Street

This outfit is best for a couple because the Yip Yips always appear in twos.

Drag with A Twist

This costume was worn for Halloween 13 years ago, but it was such a success that people are still talking and posting about it! It’s a guy with a wig and a huge hole in his gut, achieved by placing a camera in the back of the shirt that recorded a scene in the background and fed it to a tiny DVD player in the front showing the background.

Optimus Prime

Allegedly, this costume was comfy enough to dance in, although it didn’t look like it. It was made using cardboard, hot glue, and duct tape.


The Mask of Emotion displays emoticons where your face is. The emoticon shown depends on your actions. This costume was actually made by scientists from a university in South Korea and not regular laypersons. They ended up posting how-to-make instructions on the university website for those who want to replicate it.

Helmet Cat

The fur was taken from a stuffed animal, and the helmet is a basketball painted green. This was really creative – turning your favorite meme into a costume.

The Wild Things

Finally, a group of friends dressed as Max and the monsters from the book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak for Halloween 11 years ago. They also made papier-mâché monster heads. We aren’t sure how they could see with the glow in the dark eyes, but the costumes looked fab.