The Playboy Bunny and sexy maid are very old news now. How to be sexy in a creative way for Halloween? And how to be sexy in your 40s? Here are some ideas.

Your Favorite Movie Characters

A group of friends, fans of the movies, dressed up as sexy Hobbits for Halloween a few years back. It all started as a joke, when they were wondering what costumes to make. They made them using second-hand corduroy and velvet pants or skirts and jackets, like sexy suits.

Public Personas You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of

Popular options include a sexy Meghan Markel, Melania and Donald, and even a sexy poop emoji. There are, of course, all the sexy villains, male and female.

Villains with a Twist

This is where you can get really creative – a sexy Texas guy with a chainsaw or a sexy Hannibal Lecter. Actually, there’s a Lecter for sale. It comes with a mask and brain clutch.

Please note you do run the risk of criticism if you make a really outlandish sexy costume. But it’s your right – like they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Know that posting photos can cause quite a bit of backlash on social media in some cases. Companies that manufacture sexy costumes have even had to pull some of their models over stuff like that.

Unique Choices

Among beloved choices are Dark Angel costumes and the Northern Queen from Game of Thrones with a twist. These are actually available for purchase. They are both of higher quality and more interesting compared to conventional models.

Sexy Costumes for Expectant Mothers

A seven-months-pregnant 30+ woman came up with the following costume – a sexy nun. Her boyfriend dressed like a priest and they said she cheated on Jesus with him.